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it's september 25th and i am megan pringle. it's a killie tuesday morning. if -- chilly tuesday morning. if you haven't looked outside or poked your head outside put a hat on. grab a coat but before you head out. lynette charles is here with more. >> it's cold out there. you need to keep yourself warm this morning. with the warm beverage and we are looking at temperatures in the 40s andn a lot of spots and low 50s -- in a lot of spots and low 50s. frederick at 46 degrees and shadyside elementary school at 49 degrees this morning. the winds are pretty much calm. they will be picking up out of the south at 5 to 10 miles going throughout the day. also we will see the cloud on the increase and i will call a sun-cloud mix but it's dry right now and will stay that way as we go throughout the day. the hour by hour forecast brings us to about 75 degrees this afternoon. that's the high. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine for today. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. the main trouble spot is going to be 95 up in harford county. we are dealing with a car fire right now. you are looking live at level road. and notice it's causing a significant backup. so if you are traveling in the area, try to avoid 95. stick with route 40 or route 7 as your alternate. and if you are traveling on the beltway, that west side really starting to jam here at old court road. altogether you are looking at a 13-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. now the inner loop will be nice and clear as you make the drive up through pikesville. as we check in and look at other drive times, no problems on the beltway on the outer loof from -- outer loop from 59 to 73. no delays use the jfx into the city. traveling southbound from the beltway downtown to east fayette street a typical 11- minute ride. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan over to you 6:31. the fire storm over the replacement officials on the
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nfl are on full display on obvious last night. some call it a new low point in the lockout with the refs. so the string of controversial calls came to a head at the end of the game last night. we are talking about seattle and the packers. and sherrie johnson has more on this story and for those who missed it who were asleep, with a was the problem. >> reporter: well, a lot of unhappy people to put it mildly. coaches players and fans are frustrated with questionable officiating. it came to a head during monday night football. seattle tried for a game winning hail mary pass that looked like an interception but the refs were giving mixed signals. ending seemed to hurt not just the packers record but the veryintegrity of the game. replacement refs come from the college level and the indoor arena league. mfl turned to them after they locked out regular refs when the contract expired in june. there are few signs of progress in the negotiations and some see little reason for the nfl to cave when fans are filling stadiums and tuning in on tv.
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the monday night mayhem capped a week in patriots coach was angry about the calls in the game against the ravens. he grabbed an official's arm. >> i have never meant any disrespect or in anyway tried to abuse or be disrespectful to the officials and the job they do. >> this is comical to me really. i tell you, that's two of the worst calls at the end of a football game i can remember. >> reporter: now the lockout has created a social media fire storm with some players venting on facebook and twitter. some players posted the phone number for commissioner goodell encouraging fans to call and complain. sherrie johnson abc2 news. people in a community may want to keep a close eye on their cars because more than 5vehicles were broken into or vandalized in the hampstead neighborhood. sheriff department says more than 1300 dollars in electronics, jewelry and other items were snatched from cars
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parked in driveways. one car what tire slashed and aconvertible roof was cut. cars were vandalized in the annapolis area several items stole aen including a laptop and gps and some of the drivers did admit they left their cars unlocked or the windows cracked. police right now they say that they were trying to figure out who is responsible but they are remining you to lock your doors and leave windows up. one store in georgia is running a unusual promotion. hunting season is around the corner and is covering a special deal to attract -- offering a special deal to attract more customers. if you buy a $2500 ring, you can get a free rifle. people are talking about it like one woman who heard the ad on the radio. >> it's appealing to the man i think. >> it's not a statement event but a fun event. >> the store owners says he was inspired after seeing a similaroffer from dealer in missouri.
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democracy 2012 this morning mitt romney heads to ohio today and it's going to begin more of an aggressive strategy to win over more votes. meanwhile in just a few hours president obama will be speaking at the united nations general assembly. he will appear on "the view pretaped in an he can collusive interview. >> what big -- exclusive interview. >> would it be disasterous if mitt romney were elected. >> we can survive a lot but the people don't want to just survive. we want everybody to thrive and we want folks to have a shot at the success. >> the interview airs here on abc2 at 11. going over the speed limit but no tickets involved. amtrak trains in our area were going faster than ever before. and hundreds of flights canceled. the drama continues at american airlines. what does it mean if you have a ticket with them?
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>> i will want to -- you will want to dress in layers. temperatures chilly but going into the afternoon nice and comfortable but warm. i will tell you when coming up. >> reporter: good morning. a car fire is leading to a heavy heavy delay here on 95 in havre de grace. i will have the best alternate route coming up on good morning maryland.
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20 minutes away from 7. thanks for joining. more people die taking their lives than car crashes. that's according to a new study that is coming from the american journal of public health. researchers credit recent traffic safety measures across the country for helping curb deadly accidents by 25%. during that same period, suicides deaths rose to 15% bringing it to the total number the number one cause of scrry
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related deaths. -- injury related deaths. a frightening ordeal in brazil a truck hanging off a side of a bridge. several people help the driver to safety. they were using a rope and he lost control of the truck when a car stopped suddenly right in front of him. free checking we heard the words so many times before but now it could be fee checking. we will tell you why some say the days of bank deals and incentives could be over. and you want to make extra cash? another big retail are announced they are adding more jobs for the holiday. we will tell you how many position they are filling and what it means for you. >> and we have showers and storms back off towards the west. when we could get in on the wet weather coming up. >> reporter: a car fire leading to heavy delays on 95 in havre de grace we will show you what to look out for on the road coming up on good morning maryland. 3q
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this is the abc2 news to go. we will start off with lynette charles and how your day is shapingyone. the day is shaping up to be a good day although this morning we are dealing with very cold temperatures very chilly outside. but aid beautiful sight to look at -- it's a beautiful sight to look at. this is what you will look at in bel air. glimmer of light and clear skies and sunshine beginning to show itself. but temperature wise, we are looking at very chilly temperatures in bel air right around 47 degrees. that temperature is below average. the air is still very dry. 45 right now and 42 for a temperature in barnsville this morning. that dew point at 42. with that we have some patchy fog across the area this morning. and the last stop is in arnold where the temperature is coming in at 52 degrees before you leave the house this morning, make sure to have that jacket or a sweater maybe a coat because you will need it. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. and it will stay that way going throughout the day. only moisture is a few clouds
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trying to stream in. i will call it a sun-cloud mix but it's a nice day on tap with the high coming in around 75 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. perfect baseball weather. and best of luck to the orioles as they take on the blue jays. unfortunately we are still dealing with the car fire on 95 up in harford county. it's right along the southbound lanes at level road. and as we check in and take a live look at the scene you will notice major improvements on the delays. it's going to be a little bit sluggish. so route 40 not a bad alternate route. if you are using 695 here's what it looks like in parkville right now. inner loop nice and clear down towards 95. outer loop is starting to slow down as you make the drive up towards providence road. and do expect heavy delays right now on the west side of the beltway. old court road is going to be severely jammed on the outer loop and that will continue as you make the drive down towards route 40. using the jfx to get into the city, no delays whatsoever is going to take you 11 minutes to
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travel southbound from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan over to you. 15 minutes away from 7 right now. it's an issue you are going to be deciding on in november. same sex marriage referendum in our state will be on the ballot in both sides on the issue are doing what they can to win you over. abc2 news linda so is live in federal hill this morning and there seems to be a lft minute push from the opponents. what are they -- last-minute push from opponents what are they doing. >> reporter: they are targeting african american communities urging voters who oppose same sex marriage to get out and vote on november 6th. they are sending out mailers with the phrase that says my mommy is is my daddy and my daddy is my mommy who is my aunt? language that some are findingoffensive. the group called jump. brew for marriages is making calls trying to convince opponents same sex mearnlg to get out the vote. the leaders of the group says
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they are aiming at the african american community and even though president obama and the naacp have come out in support of same sex marriage members of the group say they are not backing down. >> we support the president. we definitely support him. we just do not agree with his views on same sex marriage. >> reporter: the group is targeting african man communities primarily in baltimore -- african american communities pry narily in baltimore -- primarily in baltimore city and county. a baltimore plane is complaimg claiming police brie tality -- claiming police brutality. police say anthony william died after-- anthony anderson died after swallow the drugs a protest is happening at 3 at the corner of mondayford -- mont fold and biddle street. family and friend want an independence investigation into anderson's death.
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baltimore orioles continue their improbable run in theplayoffs. this morning charley crowson is live at the yard this morning with a look at the week ahead and the excitement surrounding. i was told we lost charley. maybe he is out there playing ball or talking to fans. so we will check in with him -- apparently he is ready to go. how you doing. >> reporter: you accused me of playing with the guys down there on the road? >> yeah i wouldn't put it past you. >> reporter: megan. >> sorry. >> reporter: i am a pro i got do a job. you know talking about the o's getting ready for the playoff run we have got 8 games left. and they are a game and half behind the yankees and a game and a half up on the a's and wild card race. and last time we talked playoffs baseball, this guy, number 8 was a part of the conversation. he along with mike bordick and brady anderson and pal marrow
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and the like -- pal marrow and it's not been any mention of playoffs since and that's until now. and the o's are 8 games away. they are make an improbable run who would have thought we would be talk about the playoffs six months ago. fans we spoke to last night after the double-header split with toronto could not be happier about what's happening in charm city with the orioles. >> energetic a lot more energetic. fans are into it. everyone is into it. people stand up when they need to stand up. they are starting to represent. >> no better place than righter in in bolt -- right here in baltimore number one. >> reporter: so much enthusiasm and first pitch tonight 7:05. 8 games and counting. megan this is the homestretch for the run of the playoffs. >> all right. thanks so much charley. we are looking forward to it. one sports star meets
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another michael phelps met hisidle -- idol mikeeling jordan. he -- michael jordan. fellp was so over-- fellp was so over-- fell it was was so over-- fell epees was so overweld -- overwhelmed he could barely speak. amtrak broke the speed limit along the northeast corridor. and it was perfectly legal. you see the rail service is testing trains going 165 miles per hour between maryland and massachusetts. the top speed limit is 150 miles per hour and amtrak hopes to increase the speed limit on the regular service to get you to your destination sooner. the turbulence between american earls and the pilots union -- airlines and the pilots union causing a surge of delays. more than 100 flights canceled monday bringing the total number to cancellation of 570
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since the contract dispute began more than week ago. american won the right to throw out the existing pilot's contracts in bank rpt sigh court and that means pilots must fly more hours in the -- bankruptcy court and that means pilots must fly more hours. you want to find the best health care provider. consumer reports is trying to help you pick the right one. it's released the rankings. 984 different plans all based on criteria such as quality care, customer satisfaction and the number one ranked private plan was the nonprofit harvard pilgrim health care plan. when it comes to the major private insurers kaiser is ranked best and did the best with medicare as a cat impurey. open -- category. open enrollment for private and medicare plans starts next month. you paying more for your money? according to bank, many of us are. that survey found atm
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surchargesfor banks and noncustomers rose 4% over the last year. the average overdraft fee up 1%. >> we continue to see an increase in monthly service charges for checking accounts with the decline in free checking and not only are more accounts charging a monthly fee but the fees are moving higher both interest and noninterest checking accounts. >> the good news is most fees can be avoided whether it's being more selective choose an atm or in the case checkingaccounts a minimum monthly balance. otherwise the banks switch may be in order for you. time for five things to know as you head out the door this morning. education officials plan to talk about a partnership between the university of maryland baltimore and the university of maryland college park. the chang lor plans to talk about the -- chancellor plans to talk about the partnership. johns hopkins university will use a 7 point million dollar
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grant to improve elementary schools. they say the grant is aimed at improving teaching and learning in signs technology and engineering and math known as stem education. major retailers are planning to hire tens of thousands of temporary workers for the holiday. toys r us is hiring 45,000 seasonal workers to staff the stores. and fill customer service positions. some positions could be full- time jobs. yom kippur starts at sundown and goes through sundown tomorrow. millions of jews from around the world will gather with family and friends at synagoguing to -- synagogues to prayfor a good year and they will fast for 25 hours. baltimore county plans to hold a press conference today to update residents on county's emergency preparedness plans. they will review with a they learned from power outage in june and discuss preparations for the upcoming winter season. it's hard to believe we are talking about the winter season but fall is here and if you haven't stepped outside it's
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going to feel like it right? a you got that right. it's chilly out there this morning. look at the temperatures. 50 in westminster. ellicott city, you are at 50. 45 in frederick and 53 in easton. 43 in goldsboro and cambridge at 55. galena 46 and 48 in bel air to round off the temperatures this mork. -- morning. in dundalk where we did start to see a beautiful sunrise. plenty of blue skies and that will prevail for the morning and we will see a few more clouds trying to move in. look at the picture perfect sky in kent island this morning. this will be the name of the game. pretty to look at but if you are not prepared it will be a shock to the system when you step out the door. high pressure is in control for today. that will lied sof towards -- slide off towards the east. and that's when you will have the chance for showers to work in going into tomorrow. future trend not picking up on a whole lot but we have the chance for wet weather early in the morning and then another round as we go into your
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commute home around 5:00, 6:00. have the rain gear and take it easy on the roadways. for today, going with 75 degrees and it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds. pleasant and your heading out to camden yards. first pitch at 7:05. 71 nice and dry and 80 for tomorrow. and the showers are possible and it will be warmer and the rain pushes back in heading into friday through weekend. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i am loving the bird on the forecast. best of luck to the orioles and ravens. we have traffic that you will need to contend with. but we are seeing major improvements on 95 up in harford county. a car fire has just been moved to the shoulder of the southbound lanes at level road. the delays have really started to dissipate. you can't say the same for 695 the outer loop is going to be packed right now from parkvale up towards towson and things will get worse heading over to e northwest corridor. here's delays at old court road. outer loop going to be the main concern and it's almost at a standstill.
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now we will continue making the drive towards 70 and 95 nice and clear downtown at 395. nothing getting in the way heading into the city. >> you have to check this out. [ baby crying ] [ music ] ♪ >> oh, the power of the song keeping the little guy from crying because the parents stop playing the song he starts to cry again and they put the song back on and look at him. a smile is on his face and he is shaking his legs to the beat. he is dancing. i love it. adorable. give him sometime before he gets the arm movements. >> you need to show that to your girls. >> i know. i am afraid we will play it over and over again. >> maybe i will teach them how to do it.
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who knows. go to and we will check in in 30 minutes for another update. eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
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